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4 Expat Schools in Abuja


4 Expat Schools in Abuja

4 Expat Schools in Abuja

Nigeria is the most popular country in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, many expats come to the country. Those who live for long come with their families and thus the need of special expat schools to accommodate for their needs. In Abuja, there are several expat schools in the city. Out of the many expat schools in Abuja, we will profile only four of the best in the city. The four will be picked based on popularity and the quality of education offered in the city.

  1. The International School, Abuja

This is one of the best expat schools in Abuja. The International School was founded in 1998 and has since been admitting several students in Abuja. The vision of the schools was to provide Christian international education for both expats and Nigerians. Even though the school is open to Nigerians, a high population of the school is composed of expats. The school which just started with only eight students, the school now has over 500 students. The student population is composed of expats from approximately 38 countries. The school is known to cover Christian expats in Abuja where they find a place to get holistic education for their children.


  1. Regent School

Regent school is one the best expat schools in Abuja. The school is a British run secondary school maintaining very high academic standards. It is the high academic standards that attract expats from different countries. One of the leading factors that make expats comfortable with the school is the fact that the school only employs British trained teachers. The Nigerians employed are only teaching assistants but the teachers are British trained. The school system is very effective that it will help in ensuring a child gets an all round training.


  1. American International School of Abuja

The American International School of Abuja is probably the best expat school in Abuja. With the best teaching staff, the American International School offers high quality education to its students. Apart from the expats in who take their children to this school, the school only receives Nigerians who hold high positions in the government such as the governor and ministers. The high academic standards of this expat school make it equally the most expensive school in Abuja.


  1. Lead British International School

Lead British International School is one of the leading schools that expats living Abuja take their children. The school follows a strict British curriculum. They maintain high quality academic standard. There are boarding facilities in the school that allows for expats to take their children to board in this school. Alternatively, you can opt for being a day scholar. Unlike other expat schools in Abuja, this one is owned and managed by Nigerians.

The above mentioned are the four best expat schools in Abuja. They all offer quality education which comes at a very high cost. Unlike the local schools, these expat schools require high amount of fees and thus work best for the rich expats.

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