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Nigeria Entertainment industry is on the Rise


The Reasons why Nigeria Entertainment industry is on the Rise

nigWe all work hard in order to get our incomes going and thus, working hard has become synonymous of our life. However, we all also need to recharge our batteries in order to work hard the next time. Now then, how does we recharge our batteries, so that we are fresh and ready to hit our work stations or our offices again? Well, the most obvious answer is through entertainment. Thus, entertainment plays a very pivotal role in all of our lives and it is extremely difficult to imagine our lives without any ounce of entertainment. The budding African powerhouse Nigeria is also on the right track as far as entertainment is concerned and the entertainment industry of this country is really taking some gigantic steps in the right direction. Let us observe how the entertainment industry is making its move in this great nation.

For starters, the movie industry of Nigeria, also called the Nollywood, is really taking some mammoth steps. Their movies have been generating so much of revenue in the past few years that Nigeria right now is at the third place as far as generating revenues is concerned worldwide. The leaders are the Bollywood from India and Hollywood from the United States of America. Following these two movie industries is in itself a proof to the fact that Nollywood is in the right direction and nobody should be surprised if in the coming years, Nollywood starts competing against the big boys. Not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of volume of production, Nigeria is on the second spot. This aforementioned fact speaks volumes about the global reach and the quality of movies being made under the brand name of Nollywood.

Another important fact is that not only the Nigerian entertainment industry important for the spectators but it is also important for the country in terms of employment. The Nigerian entertainment industry is one of the leading names when it comes to providing employment in the country. In fact, Nigeria’s Entertainment industry is second when it comes to providing employment to the youth and it comes only after the agriculture sector. Thus, the entertainment industry of the country is also doing a fair and an extremely commendable job, as it is not only providing entertainment but is also providing employment to its youth and in turn, is making the country prosper.

Also, we all know that some parts of Nigeria, especially those of Northern Nigeria are torn with insurgency and local militias. Some of these militant organizations are trying to woo away the unemployed youth and turning them into terrorists. The entertainment industry is providing these youth with jobs and that too lucrative ones, so that they do not get brainwashed and stay on the right track. Apart from this, Nigerian pop stars like D’Banj are also being promoted as brand ambassadors in promoting oneness and peace. These efforts are sure to take the country on the right track and Nigeria for sure is going to benefit from this entertainment industry.

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