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10 Best Private Schools in Abuja, Nigeria


10 Best Private Schools in Abuja Nigeria

school-85619_640Abuja is a leading hub for international students. Expatriates and the rich men in Nigeria have options when it comes to educating their children in Abuja. Many private schools cater for the growing need of quality education that meets international standards. Here below is a list of the top ten private schools in Abuja, Nigeria.

  1. American International School

American International School is a leading private school located in the Durumi district of Abuja. The school is located in a less noisy place where learning takes place without any distractions. The school has some of the finest teaching staff with well-organized school programs.

  1. Centagon School

This school is situated in Maitama district. There is a conducive learning environment for children of different levels. In regards to cost, this is one of the most expensive private schools in Abuja. It is a reserve for children of the super-rich diplomats, top government officials and other wealthy businessmen.

  1. Lead British School

Though located in a busy part of the town, Lead British School remains to be a leading private school in Abuja. However, the school is not an ideal for the super-rich men in Abuja. It is considered an ideal school for middle-class, though the quality of education makes it be in the list of the best private schools in Abuja.

  1. Nigerian Turkish International School

The Nigerian Turkish International School is also another leading private school located near the popular Banex plaza. The school has competent and qualified teachers, offering international standards of education. The school fees in this school are very high.

  1. Loyola Jesuit College

This is a Catholic run private school. Arguably, Loyola Jesuit College is the most disciplined private school in Abuja. It is a boarding school located in a village far from the distractions in Abuja.

  1. Regent British School

Regent British is a top private school managed by British trained educators. The school has primary and secondary sections, offering international curriculum. The top priority of the school’s management is to make learning and interesting activity that children will love. However, education in this school comes at an expensive price.

  1. International Community School

International Community School is a reserve private school for expatriates and wealthy people in Nigeria who want their children to have international exposure while still Nigeria.

  1. Grace Garden International School

Located in Euphrates street in Maitama district, Grace Garden International School is a leading top private school that provides education that meets international standards. The school accommodates children of all levels. Just like other top private schools in Abuja, the school fees are very high here.

  1. Great Heights Academy

This is yet another leading private school in Abuja. It has nursery, primary, and girls secondary sections. It is one of the leading girls’ secondary schools in Nigeria aiming at providing highest standards of western education.

  1. Star-Rite International

Closing in our list of the best private schools in Abuja Nigeria is Star-Rite International School. The school brags of high competent and qualified teachers who offer internationally accepted standards of education.

The above mentioned are the leading private schools in Abuja,Nigeria offering the best education that meets international standards. One common feature of this school is not just in quality of education offered but also the expensive nature of these schools.

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