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10 Facts About Abuja


10 Facts About Abuja

abuja_95As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria has its cities put on spotlight. Abuja is one of the cities that get many people talking about. Many things have been said about Abuja, with some being true and others quite untrue. It is out of this that a fact sheet of the things you need to know about Abuja will be highlighted. Here below are 10 facts about Abuja that you should know.

  1. Abuja is Nigeria’s Capital City

One of the most important facts to know is that Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. The city became the capital of Nigeria in 1991 replacing the previous capital city, Lagos. Therefore, the confusion of Lagos being the capital city should disappear with this fact.

  1. Cost of Living is High

It is a fact that the cost of living in Abuja is very high. Compared to other cities in Nigeria, Abuja is the most expensive place to live in Nigeria. The high cost of living is fuelled by the ever escalating prices of commodities in the city.

  1. Abuja is the Headquarter to many Corporate Bodies and Blue Chip Companies

As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja plays host to many multinational and blue-chip companies. There are also many embassies of foreign nationals located in Abuja.

  1. Home to many Religious Groups

Abuja is home to different religious groups. There are different religious groups based in Abuja. Some of the people living in Abuja are Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and indigenous religious groups. There is freedom of worship in Abuja to accommodate the varying religious groups.

  1. Covered with Plazas, Gardens and Parks

Abuja has many plazas, gardens, and parks that cover the city’s landscape. There are many plazas in Abuja, with many shops and offices limited to plazas. A quick drive in the city will also show the many gardens and amusement parks in Abuja.

  1. Located within a Tropical Zone

Abuja’s location is within the tropical zone, which records high temperatures all year round. Generally, the temperature in Abuja is always high. The wet season in Abuja starts in April running through November.

  1. Its Rise to Fame is due to Well-Planned Developments

Abuja rose to fame thanks to its well-planned developments. The buildings in Abuja are planned well and serve as attraction to many. Otherwise, there are notable attractions including the popular bumper boars, Maitaima-Amusement Park, rotating teacups among many other attractive developments.

  1. Abuja is an Exciting City

There are many exciting things to do while in Abuja. Generally, it is an exciting city with numerous fun activities on weekends.

  1. It is NOT the most populous city

In as much as Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, the city is not the most populous city in the country. Lagos remains as the most populous city with Abuja in the list of top ten populous cities in Nigeria.

  1. Abuja has Good Road Networks

The road networks in Abuja are among the best in the world. The government has invested a lot in road construction in the city to make the city’s road infrastructure among the best.

The above mentioned are the ten facts that you probably did not know about Abuja.

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