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10 Facts About Ebola Occurrence in Nigeria


10 Facts About Ebola Occurrence in Nigeria

The Ebola virus disease, commonly known as Ebola, came in as a shocker to many people, more especially those living in West Africa countries, Nigeria included. Much has been said about this deadly disease occurrence in Nigeria. Here below is a fact sheet containing 10 important facts about Ebola occurrence in Nigeria.

  1. First case of Ebola reported  in Nigeria was on 20th July 2014

The first case of Ebola in Nigeria was the on 20th July 2014. This was when an infected man from Liberia arrived into Lagos by aeroplane. Before the death of the man five days later, he had already set off a chain of transmission.

  1. Ebola infected 20 Nigerians

A total of 20 people were infected by the Ebola virus in Nigeria. These people were those who had contact with the Liberian man who arrived in the airport in Lagos with the virus. In the list of those infected included the nurse and the doctor who helped in treating the Liberian patient.

  1. 8 people died in Nigeria

The occurrence of Ebola virus in Nigeria claimed 8 lives in the country. Again, the people who died as a result of the deadly virus were in contact with the Liberian man. Among the people who died, includes the nurse who treated the man and his doctor.

  1. First Nigerian died of Ebola on 5th August 2014

On 6th August 2014, the Nigerian health minister announced that the first known Nigerian to die of Ebola had passed on the previous day. The first death was that of the nurse who was attending to the infected Liberian.

  1. Aliko Dangote donated $1 million to halt the spread

Africa’s richest man, who is a Nigerian, donated $1 million to help halt the spread of the Ebola virus outbreak. Aliko Dangote showed support to the country by contributing this huge amount to stop Ebola.

  1. Nigeria was free of Ebola on 22nd September 2014

On 22nd September 2014, the health minister in Nigeria announced the end of Ebola virus in Nigeria. He said that all the people who had contact with the infected person were followed and completed a 21-day mandatory period of surveillance.

  1. Nigeria was recognized for controlling Ebola outbreak

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control acknowledged Nigeria’s role in controlling the spread of Ebola. It was a tremendous work done by Nigeria in helping to reduce Ebola in the country.

  1. Cases of Ebola were limited to Lagos and Enugu

Cases of Ebola in Nigeria were limited to Lagos and Enugu states. There were no cases of Ebola in other parts of the country during the Ebola outbreak period.

  1. Nigeria was the first country to fully contain the virus

In the 2014 Ebola outbreak, Nigeria was the first country to contain and eliminate the virus effectively.

  1. Contact tracing was the major method used in controlling Ebola in Nigeria

Nigeria employed a working method of contact tracing that helped to control the spread of the virus. This method worked in Nigeria and was even borrowed by countries such as the United States.

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