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20 Best Places to Visit in Abuja Nigeria


20 Best Places to Visit in Abuja Nigeria

As the capital city of Africa’s most populous country, Abuja is one of the leading commercial cities in the continent. Some people living in the city complain of heightened pressure that comes with living in a busy city. However, there are fun places and things to do in Abuja. Here below are the 20 best places to visit in Abuja and have heightened fun.

  1. Wonderland Amusement Park

Wonderland amusement park is one of the best places to visit in Abuja. This amusement park has leisure gardens used for relaxation, rides, and games for people of all ages. This is a perfect place for family outings. It is close to the National Stadium, just a few minutes from the city centre.

  1. Millennium Park

For a picnic-like event, the millennium park offers the best place to be. You can pick up your friends and head to this place for all kinds of fun activities. The good thing is that there is no entrance fee to this well-groomed natural park.

  1. National Children’s Park and Zoo

If you have children who want to go out, then this is the best place within Abuja for children. The national children’s park and zoo is perfect for children who want to play in a park with animals. There are several playfields for children and a few animals to see. Children will definitely enjoy their stay here.

  1. Jabi Lakeside

Abuja has a man-made lake in the city. The Jabi lakeside is the artificial lake in the heart of the city. The lake offers an experience that one can only get in a beach. It is also a perfect place for picnics. Here, you can ride on a horse or rent a boat cruise.

  1. Silverbird

For lovers of indoor activities, Silverbird offers the best experience in Abuja. Silverbird is an entertainment centre with a cinema, eateries, a game arcade, and shops located within the centre. It is a good place for hanging out with friends.

  1. Gurara Falls

This is one of the best waterfalls near Abuja. There are amazing scenes to watch in here with rock formations, beautiful flora full of trees and bushes as the best things to see here. For maximum pleasure, you should visit this place during Christmas, when there are many people from different walks of lives.

  1. Aso Rock

This is the largest and tallest rock in Abuja. The rock measures about 936 meters above sea level. Aso rock overlooks an office building, residential quarters, and a presidential villa. It is an ideal place for getting a bird’s eye view of the city.

  1. Pedam Lake

The lake lies behind the presidential villa in Abuja and spreads towards Nassarawa state. Though not well developed for tourism, the lake is still a good place to visit in Abuja.

  1. IBB Golf Course

The golf course is one of the best places for golf lovers. The course has 18 holes for maximum golfing experience. Furthermore, there are other fun activities in the golf course apart from golfing. Other activities here include tennis courts and driving range. There is an annual subscription fee to access this golf course.

  1. The Mediterranean Hotel

The hotel is located near ECOWAS. It is one of the best places for fun, more especially among the younger crowd. There are restaurants and a fantastic nightclub that keeps people entertained throughout.

  1. Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park is near Abuja and offers a perfect place for people who like outdoor activities. Visiting the park is a guarantee to lots of fun given the fact that there are many animals in the park.

  1. National Assembly

You can also tour the National Assembly if you want to have a view of what goes down in parliament. Apart from listening to the ever-thrilling debates, you can also admire the architecture of the parliament.

  1. Bush Bars and Life Camps

There are many small bars in or small drive outside town. The bars serve roasted meat and cold beer. You can try the bar just near the British High Commission. The experience in any of these bars will make you yearn for more night out experience in bush bars in Abuja.

  1. Abuja National Mosque

Also known as the Nigerian National Mosque, the Abuja Mosque is one of the best places to visit. It is a beautiful religious centre in Nigeria and has been mentioned in Top 50 Most Beautiful Religious centres in the world.

  1. Zuma Rock

This is one of the country’s iconic natural wonders. The rock stands tall and majestic acting as a source of tourist attraction in Abuja. The rock is noticeable by anyone passing through the western bypass on the Abuja-Kaduna highway. It is a beautiful natural scene to visit.

  1. Zimbabwe

If you want to get away from the city, then you should consider going to Zimbabwe. This place is an amazing place to visit for outdoor activities. There are affordable drinks, beef, chicken, and fish. Here is where you will get all the local cuisines.

  1. Wikki Warm Springs

You can also travel to Wikki Warm Springs and enjoy the natural springs here. This place offers an exciting place for relaxation, away from the exotic city life.

  1. The Hilton Pool, Gym and Fulani Bar

This is the largest hotel in Africa. It is a nice place to visit and enjoy all the exciting activities. The hotel has everything that you need for an interesting lifestyle. You can spare a few days from your working schedule and visit this place.

  1. The Dome

This is one of the best places you can take your kids. There are numerous fun activities such a pool games, videos games, and bowling. The place is not just fun for the kids but adults too.

  1. Grand Square Supermarket

Expats in Abuja find this place as one of the most interesting places visit. The supermarket has some of the best items that are hard to find in Nigeria.

The above mentioned are the 20 best places to visit in Abuja. While in the capital city, you should not get bored for there are many places to visit in and around Abuja.

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