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Doing Business in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa 2nd biggest economy and has the top production of gas and oil in Africa. More than 63% of Nigeria population are under 25 and it is rising middle class make up 24% of the population. Over the end five years, Nigeria GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth averaged …

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Places to Visit in Nigeria

Places to Visit in Nigeria Many parents will love to embark on family adventure and spend amazing time with their kids, beside the traditional visiting to the village with the full family by the end of the year. Anyway, they have small idea about best family vacation locations in Nigeria. …

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State of Educational System in Nigeria :Taking Katsina State Government and Private Schools as a test case

According to article 38 of the United Nation convention, education; literacy is the ability to read and write in any language not necessarily the major ones (English, Arabic, French etc). Education and literacy is not measured using the  known convention. Sub section C of the article 38 mention that any …

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The useless children of Africa

The useless children of Africa By Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari Katsina Africa is the world’s second and populated largest continent. Africa has about 30.2 million square kilometers. It covers about 6% of the world’s total surface area, and over 20% of the land mass. With population of over 1.1 billon people …

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