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2019 Zarfund Review


Zarfunds operates a 2 x 5 matrix system , and with a 2 x 5 matrix system, one single affiliate starts things out by being placed at the very tip top.Once this affiliate has been positioned here, two additional spots are opened right below them. Once these positions have been filled, four more spots are opened up below those ones.After these four positions are filled with affiliates, eight additional spots are then opened up even further down. This process goes on and on until a total of 62 positions have been filled with corresponding affiliates.These spots get filled through the act of both direct and indirect recruitment, and once the fulfillment of a matrix takes place, each affiliate is then required to gift 0.03 bitcoin to the person who initially recruited them to join ZarFund.

If you decided to join zarfund. This is the link here

My concluding
ZarFund is nothing more than a cash gifting scheme. However, the operators of the scheme are really trying their best to cover this from you. ZarFund cash gifting schemes is similar to the MLM world. ZarFund will cease to exist once new affiliates stop signing up and investing money into the company.

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