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A Simple Guide to Visitors in Nigeria


A Simple Guide to Visitors in Nigeria
map_of_nigeriaNigeria is by far Africa’s most popular Sub-Saharan nation. Being a popular nation, it gets quite a number of visitors annually. In Africa, Nigeria is the most populated and thus bound to have all characters in it. As a visitor in Nigeria, there are a number of things that you ought to know. These things will make your stay in Nigeria wonderful. Most of these guides highlighted here below are meant to ensure that you are safe in Nigeria.
Safety Tips
• Check Travel Warning by Foreign Ministry
The foreign ministry in Nigeria usually issues travel warnings to visitors not to visit some cities in Nigeria. Such cities are usually marked as insecure zones and thus not good for foreigners.
• Take care when using  Luxury Buses
The luxury buses that travel long distance in Nigeria have been reported to be encountered with armed robbers who will rob travelers their goods and money. Not only do you risk being robbed but also losing your life in the process. Therefore be cafe when using  these long distance public busses.
• Be careful when taking Photos
You have to be very careful when taking photos in the streets. This is because people get angry when foreigners take photos of them. They can actually shout or even through objects at you. You should therefore avoid taking pictures in crowded areas.
• Only use Registered Cabs
Most visitors have lost their money in the hands of taxi providers. It is therefore important to only use registered cabs while in Nigeria. These registered cabs should be form a reputable taxi company in Nigeria. You can always do a quick search to get the best taxis around.
• Watch out for Online Money Requests
Do not be too quick to transact online while in Nigeria. This is the country where cyber crime is leading in the whole continent and thus you might easily lose your money online.
• Fake marriages
At no circumstance should you get married in Nigeria, more especially to a Nigerian man. The man will probably be a patient conman waiting to steal from you. Not unless you are very sure of the person, stay out of Nigeria’s marriages.
• Be Careful at the Airport
There are many conmen lined up in the airport ready to receive foreign guests. You should not be approached by people claiming to be custom officials requiring you to handover your luggage. Should a true custom officer approach you, you should be led into the custom offices with your luggage in your hand, not theirs.
• Avoid Extreme Religious Utterances
Nigeria is one of the countries where religion is highly valued. In this regard, you should not make utterances over a certain religion that may not be pleasant to that religion. For instance, talking ill of the Muslims may get you killed by Muslims on the spot and the same with Christians. Avoid religious utterances in public.
• Use Banks to Change Currency
If you want to change your currency in Nigeria, it is only recommended that you use banks or the leading bureaus. Do not accept currency change outside bank offices.
• Avoid walking in the night

You should avoid walking in the night alone. This is because your security will not be guaranteed even by the police.
When stopped by a Nigerian police, just have the courtesy of giving him some pocket change as it is their tradition to ask for bribery for an offense not committed. Don’t waste your time trying to interpret the law for them for they probably know their ‘law’ better. Nigerian police make the laws for you to pay instantly. Some $2 is not much for a tourist to part with.

The above stated are some of the things that you should be aware of while visiting Nigeria. Otherwise, this country remains to be a beautiful tourist destination only if you can follow the given safety tips.

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