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5 Places to go to in Abuja,Nigeria

 The following are some of the best places to visit  or  things to do in Abuja. Although, Abuja is not the bubbliest destination in Nigeria,however, there are certain places that  will make your trip to Abuja worthwhile Aso Rock presidential villa Aso rock is one  great place for anyone visiting …

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How to get a Visa to UAE from Nigeria


How to get a visa to UAE from Nigeria Are you a Nigerian thinking of moving to UAE? Do you want to live in UAE, work, study or even start a business in UAE. The first thing you should do is to apply for the right type of Visa. There …

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20 Best Places to Visit in Abuja Nigeria

20 Best Places to Visit in Abuja Nigeria As the capital city of Africa’s most populous country, Abuja is one of the leading commercial cities in the continent. Some people living in the city complain of heightened pressure that comes with living in a busy city. However, there are fun …

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10 Facts About Abuja

10 Facts About Abuja As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria has its cities put on spotlight. Abuja is one of the cities that get many people talking about. Many things have been said about Abuja, with some being true and others quite untrue. It is out of this …

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10 Best Private Schools in Abuja, Nigeria

10 Best Private Schools in Abuja Nigeria Abuja is a leading hub for international students. Expatriates and the rich men in Nigeria have options when it comes to educating their children in Abuja. Many private schools cater for the growing need of quality education that meets international standards. Here below …

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How to Receive Online Payment in Nigeria

How to receive online payment in Nigeria The world is changing at a very fast rate, thanks to the increasing technological advancement. You can now literally do anything online-shop, transfer money from one bank to another,do online trading , affiliate marketing all from Nigeria. YOU dont have to be physically …

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The Average Cost of Renting a House in Abuja

The Average Cost of Renting a House in Abuja Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and thus prone to attract large number of residents. Both Nigerians and foreigners prefer to live in this city due to the fact that it is the capital of Africa’s most populous country. But …

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