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How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet in Nigeria


How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet in Nigeria

Creating a Bitcoin wallet is easier  than creating a Facebook account. You do not need a picture, captcha , all those sorts of things. All you need is just an email  address and that is it. If you want you can add your phone number to get alerts when you receive bitcoins payments  and for extra security. Your Bitcoin wallet address is equivalent to a bank account number in the Bitcoin system. It’s a long string of letters and numbers beginning with the number 1 or 3 and will look like this: 31uEbMgunupShBVTewXjtqbBv5MndwfXhb. Most of the Bitcoin wallets automatically generate the address for you. 


1—SpectroCoin  …You can create Bitcoins wallet from SpectroCoin.SpectroCoin  supports 150+ countries and 30+ currencies , and claim to have 20+ deposit and withdrawal methods. Including credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and cash. SpectronCoins  offers debit cards which you can use at 30+ million ATMs and 25+ million shops worldwide

Create A Bitcoin Wallet Now!!


2—Another very good one is CoinBase. Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum. With CoinBase you can Connect your bank account, debit card, or credit card so that you can exchange digital currency into and out of your local currency. CoinBase offers mobile wallets and orks on your Android or iPhone in addition to your web browser.

Open a Bitcoin Wallet With CoinBase Now!1

3—-One of the best Bitcoin Wallet platform is blockchain. blockchain is world’s most popular bitcoin wallet. They  display other bitcoin related statistics, such as pool statistics.

Using blockchain you can be  assured that you are  managing  your money with Bitcoin’s most advanced web wallet.


How to create a block chain account

To create  a Block chain Bitcoin Wallet simply click  here  complete the form, and you will be signed in immediately -see image below


Ways to Earn Bitcoins Payments In Nigeria!

How to Log into your Bitcoin wallet-blockchain account

You need to have your wallet ID which you will be given when you registered. Everything about bitcoin is secretive and you only login with a secured/encrypted key and  your password you created . see image below.


How to Receive Bitcoin Payments.

To receive money,  click on the “receive” button in your account profile, copy and send  your  encrypted key to the sender , the encrypted key is like your  bank account number. The sender will send  bitcoin to your encrypted key  and this will be credicted into your bitcoin wallet( just like Bank account). Your encrypted key  can be  this forms  operhhdjdu9hdgdhjhewlke;l;l[[oaaamak see image below on how to receive bitcoins

How to send Bitcoins payments.

To send bitcoins payment click on “send” button in your account profile, put the recipient encrypted key(recipient address), and the amount of bitcoin  you want to send , and click send. Done. see image below on how to send bitcoins.


bitcoin-wallet-blockchain-login bitcoin-wallet-blockchain

Ways to Earn Bitcoins Payments In Nigeria!


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