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How to Apply for a Nigeria Visa from Russia


Flag-Pins-Russia-NigeriaNigeria is one of the most popular African destinations. This West African nation boosts of a unique lifestyle that makes it a top destination in Africa. Just like any other country, there are rules and regulations that should be followed by visitors when applying for a visa.
If you live in Russia,- whether as a citizen or not- the process of acquiring Nigerian visa from Russia will be highlighted here below. This is information will be useful to a number of foreigners seeking to visit Nigeria and are based in Russia.
Types of Nigerian Visas
While in Russia, you can access the following types of visas to visit Nigeria.

  1. • Tourist Visa: This is the most popular type of Nigerian visa that you can apply from Russia. This type of Visa is used by Russian tourists who want to visit Nigeria.
    • Business Visa: This is a type of visa that you get when visiting Nigeria for business purposes.
    • Visitor Visa: You can also leave Russia to visit Nigeria, not as a tourist but a regular visitor, visiting a Nigerian national.
    • Diplomatic Visa: This is the type of visa used by Russian diplomats visiting Nigeria.
    • Transit Visa: This is a type of visa that allows you to pass through Nigeria when going to another country. If you are travelling to a Central or West African nation with no direct flights from Russia, you can get a transit visa and stop in Nigeria before going ahead with your journey.

These are the types of visas you can apply from the Nigerian embassy in Russia. The steps for visa application will be highlighted here below.
Steps to Follow to Obtain a Nigeria Visa in Russia
Step 1: Confirm your Documents:
The first and probably the most important step to obtaining a Nigeria visa from Russia is to confirm your documents. There are a number of documents that are needed to process a Nigerian visa in Russia. The list of documents for a tourist visa will be provided here below.
List of Documents

  1. • A Passport that is valid for at least 6 months
    • 2 passport-type photographs
    • Itinerary. This is the plan of activities that you intend to do while in Nigeria
    • Invitation Letter if you are seeking visa based on invitation.
    • Proof of payment (visa fees)

Step 2: Make Online Application
The second step is to make an online application of the visa. The Nigerian embassy in Russia has an online portal for visa applications. You should log in to this portal to initiate visa application.
Step 3: Pay Visa Fees
When making online application, you should also pay for the required visa fees. The visa fee varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for. But there is an administrative charge of $20 USD above normal charges.
Retain proof of payment.
Step 4: Visit the Nigerian Embassy
You should then visit the Nigerian embassy in Russia to confirm and collect your visa. The current address of the Nigerian embassy in Russia is 5 Mamonovsky Pereulok .123001, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Processing of visa may take some time and hence the need to make an application early enough. Otherwise the given steps should help you

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