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How to become a Coca Farmer in Nigeria and where to sell your Products


cacaoPodFarming is one of the best economic practices that can get you good money in Nigeria. Farmers in Nigeria have been earning good money from their produce and thus many people are now opting back to their farms. Coca is one of the plants that you can actually grow in Nigeria and make a lot of money out of it. Though it is mostly grown in the South American region, coca can also be grown in Nigeria and produce good yields. The tips on how to become a good coca farmer forms the basis of discussion here below where everything that a potential coca farmer needs to know will be mentioned.

Tips of Becoming a Coca Farmer in Nigeria

  • Know the Plant

The first of the many tips to becoming a good coca farmer is to know the plant. Coca is a cash crop plant that is grown majorly for commercial use. It also has cultural and medicinal values attached to it. It is a perennial crop that can last for many years.

  • Get a Fertile Land

It is important for any potential coca plant famer to buy a fertile land in regions that get good amount of rainfall. The soil for this crop should have water holding characteristics.

Leasing land is an option that is not highly advisable for coca plantation. This is because the plant takes many years and thus the farmer might not realize the profits well.

  • Get Resources to Start Farming

Land is the first resource that you must have to grow coca. After getting land, you should then raise enough funds to for seeds and employees to work in your farm. This is taken under the assumption that you are planting coca for commercial use.

How to Grow Coca

  • Coca seeds should be planted immediately after they fall from the bush. Letting them dry will kill them and thus the production would be a waste.
  • The seeds need to be watered during germination for production of high quality yields. You can opt for advance irrigation system such as drip irrigation that will target the roots directly.
  • The warm Nigerian climate is good for coca growth. But the plant should not be grown in areas with much sunlight.

These are some of the basics that any Nigerian farmer needs to know before thinking of venturing into coca plantation.

Where to Sell Products

Coca plant has a ready demand that farmers will waste no time in recovering their expenses and making huge profit margins. There are two levels of market that coca plant has in Nigeria.

  1. Local Market

Coca can be sold locally in Nigeria. This plant has medicinal values that make it valuable in this country. Furthermore, it has cultural values that sync well with many Nigerian cultures.

  1. International Market

The biggest market for coca products are in Europe and America. Selling the produce to these countries will guarantee a farmer maximum profits.

Therefore Nigeria farmers have an extra crop to add in their list of cash crops that have ready markets. Any farmer wishing to grow coca should have a look at the above given details that act as guidance.

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