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How to make Cheap International Calls to Nigeria


Use Whatsapp to make calls to Nigeria.

WhatsApp is a simple App that you can use to text freely to anyone around the world. Recently they introduced phone calls which mean you can also make direct calls to anyone using the app. At the time of writing this article WhatsApp is planning of rolling out video calls too which means you can also see the person you are calling live on the video of your phone. All these WhatsApp said are free and will remain   free.

Use Vonage to make calls to Nigeria.

If you live in Europe, US and UK, or Canada and you are not using Vonage broadband phone then you are missing out. With Vonage you can connect your phone lines anywhere where they have broadband and use your phone to talk to anyone literally. Vonage is a broadband phone and you can use it in any country where they have broadband.  To own a Vonage line/phone you have to setup an account, choose a number you like and order their Vonage box. It costs around few quid; say around £45 or so.

With Vonage you can choose any number from any country. Put simply, you can be in the UK and choose a US number. Phone number is not restricted to the region you are. You can choose any country’s number and be in another country.

Use Skype to make calls to Nigeria.

Skype is quiet an old technology in the block and it is easy and straightforward to use. You have to use a pc or install the app, top up and make cheap calls to another. In fact  with skype you can make affordable international calls to  Nigeria mobiles and landlines anytime – day or night. It’s amazing how easily you can do that.  Although many people are able to use skype to make calls to Nigeria, Skype isn’t available everywhere due to certain political issues, telecom cartels and fraud risks. if you cannot use skype to make calls to Nigeria  take a look at an alternative VoIP provider which does allow calls to Nigeria.

Use Rebtel to make calls to Nigeria.

Rebel is another very cool one to use to make cheap and affordable calls to Nigeria. You can buy cheap bundles such as 5, 10, 20 and use them to make decent duration calls to Nigeria.  Rebtel claims that their plans are flexible and tailored around people’s needs and that you can call relatives and friends for a fixed price of 0,120 €/min. You can also use their apps, both android and for apples os

Use Lyca to make calls to Nigeria.

Lycamobile offers very cheap UK and international calls toNigeria and other Africa Countries. Top up and call Nigeriafrom Germany Landline – 1ct per minute Mobile – 8ct per minute .

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