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Places to Visit in Delta State Nigeria


Places to Visit in Delta State Nigeria

There are many fascinating sites in Delta State, Nigeria. These fascinating sites are what define this state. Whenever in Delta state, you will never miss a place to visit here. The top tourist attraction forms the basis of discussion here below where we will look into the best places to visit in Delta State Nigeria.

Top Tourist Attraction Sites in Delta State Nigeria

  1. Abraka Turf and Country Club

Located in Abraka, the Abraka turf and country club is one of the best places to visit. The site features a horse club, which plays host to international polo tournament during Easter holidays. With several villas at the site, you can get a good place to spend your weekend and enjoy the tropical sunrise every morning. If you don’t prefer riding horses, you can take a walk along the forest trails.

  1. River Ethiope Water Source

River Ethiope is one of the most important rivers in Delta State. Sources in the state government say that this river is the deepest inland waterway in Africa. Tourists converge at the source of the river from Warri via Abraka. There many fun activities in the river including swimming, speed boating, and canoeing among many others.

  1. Otuogu Beach, Asaba

If you like beach activities, then Otuogu beach is the best place to visit. There are several rivers, streams, and creeks that keep the beach in place. The sands of the beach are ideal for beach activities and peaceful relaxation.

  1. Living History Museum, Koko

This museum used to be the residence of Chief Nana Olomu Ebrohim who was an indigenous entrepreneur. In the museum, there are personal effects that have been reserved since the 19th century.

  1. Kwale Game Reserve

Located in the coastal part of Kwale in Delta State, the Kwale Game Reserve is one of the leading tourists reserve in the state. The rainforest vegetation and swamps are full of reptiles and water animals. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in the state.

  1. The Mungo Park House

This is one of the places you should visit while in Delta State. The house was constructed in 1886 by the Royal Niger Company (RNC) to be used as an administrative and military house. The house is now a national museum, making it a national treasure.

  1. The Araya Bible Site

In this historic house, there is copy of the Holy Bible. The house plays host to this copy, which is believed to have descended from heaven directly to this site spot in August 1914. Thousands of Christian pilgrims visit this place yearly, ore especially during the Easter holidays.

  1. Abraka River Resort Motel

This is one of the best places for people who want to escape the noise and tension of city life. The beach resort has fun activities that will keep you active during your stay.

With the above places to visit, you will definitely have the best time in Delta State Nigeria.

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