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How to Start a Snail Farm in Nigeria


How to Start a Snail Farm in Nigeria

snailSnail business is one of the most lucrative businesses in West and South Africa. In particular, Nigeria is the best place to start a snail farm. Starting a snail farm in Nigeria can be the best decision an investor can make.

Why Start a Snail Farm?

Before giving out tips on how to start a snail farm in Nigeria, it is important to highlight the two major benefits of a snail farm.

Less capital required: when starting a snail farm, it is important to note that you will require less capital as compared to other farm products. This means that even minor investors can make investments in this sector. However, the higher the capital, the higher returns.

No smells: snails do not produce bad smell in the farm. This means that you can have as many snails as you want without fearing foul smell.

Starting a Snail Farm in Nigeria

When starting a snail farm, it is first advisable to make a decision on the type of snail to put in your farm.

Suitable Snail Species for Snail Farming

  1. Achatina fulica: this snail species is found in East Africa. Of all desirable snail species, this is the smallest found in Africa.
  2. Achatina achatina: this snail species is mostly found in Ghana. The unique feature of this snail is that it possesses both the female and male reproductive organs.
  3. Archachatina marginata: this is the most popular snail species in West Africa. When staring your snail farm in Nigeria, you will probably rear this species.

You should select the best snail species then follow the steps here below.

Developing a snail farm

  1. Consider snail farming environment

The first consideration that you must make is getting your snails a good environment. Since snails get dehydrated easily, you must locate the snails in an environment that is free from wind to avoid raising the rate of moisture due to wind.

  1. Type of soil for snail farming

Soil is the major habitat of snails. Furthermore, there are important components and chemicals in the soil needed by a snail for its survival. Therefore, you should research on the best type of soil for snail farming since snails cannot live in any soil.

  1. Getting the snails for farming

In Nigeria, you have two major options of where to get snails. You can either get them directly from the forest or buy them in the market. Getting them from the forest is the best option since market snails are dehydrated due to exposure to sunlight. However, you can get a good dealer to give you non-dehydrated snails.

  1. Snail foods

You should also consider the kind of food you provide for your snails. The kind of the food depends on the species of snails you are rearing. Mostly, snails feed on green leaves and fruits.

With the above tips in mind, you can easily start a snail farm in Nigeria. Just like other farms, you will need a special permit from authorities to run the farm. The permit is easy to get, thus making the above mentioned tips your focus when starting a snail farm in Nigeria.

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