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Top Private Schools in Adamawa State


Top Private Schools in Adamawa State

Adamawa is a state in the north-eastern region of Nigeria. The state plays hosts to many private schools, which are working closely with the government to provide basic education to residents and foreigners living here.

Most rich people prefer to use private schools as the schooling option for their children. This is because of the quality of education that you get from private schools as opposed to private ones. However, you have to go to one of the top private schools in the state to enjoy high-quality education.

5 Best Private Schools in Adamawa

  1. Aliyu Mustafa Academy

It is one of the oldest private schools in the state, having been established in 1984. At its founding, the core vision of the school was to provide an excellent education to young men and women. The school has lived up to its core value, producing some of the best students in the country.

The school follows the national curriculum system, though provides a holistic approach that makes students ready for the global market.

It is also one of the best ICT schools in Nigeria, boasting of an excellent computer library and computer-aided teaching methods.

Admissions are open from crèche to secondary, thus, giving you an easy time for your children to study in one school.

  • Ostrich Success International College

This is an excellent school offering great education standards for students in the A levels. It offers an international standard of education, thus, preparing A’ level students for acceptance in universities abroad.

Furthermore, the learning environment in the school is conducive for research with sophisticated research equipment such as computers and free internet available for all students. A student willing to enroll in this school must be ready to board within the school.

  • Zamaki Academy

Zamaki Academy is a private school located in the state capital, Yola. The school offers admission to learners from the early years to secondary.

There is a boarding option for students who want this option. The boarding option is excellent as there is a conducive environment for personal studies.

  • New Era Nursery and Primary School

This is also a popular and amongst the best private schools in the state of Adamawa. People living in this state have come to love and trust the school in the provision of basic education.

Whilst the school might not match the international standards of other top private schools in Nigeria, it boasts of an excellent record of accomplishment in the national examinations. Furthermore, the fees paid are somewhat friendly, compared to top international schools.

  • ABTI International Secondary School

This secondary school was established in 1996 and has since come to be one of the best private schools in the state of Adamawa. The school follows the national curriculum, though internationalizing it to make the students coming out of the school ready for the global market.

There are many clubs and societies that children can join while in this school. The environment in the school is conducive for both curricular and extracurricular activities.

There are many other private schools in Adamawa, but these are the top ones that offer quality education at different levels.

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